We have never met before but we have seen pictures of each other.

After a few days of texting, there you are – waiting for me in the lift lobby. I open the door to the lobby, with butterflies in my tummy and a smile on my lips, anticipating what you’re gonna say.

The first thing that you blurt out is, “Wow! You’re so skinny! Would have never guessed that from the pictures but you’re much prettier than I thought.”

Wow! That’s just Brilliant!!

Would you comment on my body if I were shorter or taller or fairer or darker, than the pictures? I guess you would have.

Do you know what i’m going through? the battles i’m fighting? the sleepless nights that I spend?

Do you even consider the fact that I could just be skinny coz I like to be skinny?

It’s just a lame comment. I could correct you and move in. Like i’ve done so many times earlier. I could continue walking with you from the lobby to the cafeteria. I could just pretend it never happened.. But nah! Not today!

“Hey, listen! I don’t really like people telling me that. I know I am.. but I don’t really take it as a compliment. I don’t think I can go for coffee today, with you. I’ll text you soon”

And that’s how you deal with hypocrisy! You have to start somewhere, right?

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


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