I was working on this side project of mine – coding a sample application using Ruby on Rails, run it on Docker and then, deploy it. The details of the entire project is for another blog, another time, if ever!

As I finished Phase-2 of the project (running it on the docker container – yaaay! – ok not important.. moving on!), a colleague of mine comes to me with an idea for an application. He says things like “I can’t bear to see some valuable resources getting wasted! Work for me!” and “I need a nerd (what??) developer (really??)!”.

Firstly, I’m not a developer (atleast according to my job profile) and secondly, how the hell does he know I love to code?

This is not the first Conversation that’s freaked me out recently.

Another time, in one of our team parties, this good friend of mine, after getting really, really drunk, comes to me and says “You’ve that fire in you to create something! Don’t let it fade!” and walks away, leaving me dumbfounded!

Ok. What’s going on? How do these people know what I like or what I do in my free time? Stalker alert! 

God, if you really want to send me signs, i’m done with the slight breeze swaying me around.. I want a hurricane now, alright? If you want to really send me signs, send me massive ones now coz I’m not gonna go on a wild goose chase misinterpreting little, little Conversations!!

Let’s see what’s gonna happen! Am I excited? You bet.

via Daily Prompt: Conversation



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